A Universe of Adventure Awaits

KRIXZON: Historical Archive

14-Jul-2020   Astronomers announce a shocking discovery:  a wormhole has been found in the Kuiper Belt about 7.2 light-hours from Earth.

05-Feb-2021   A new worldwide space agency has been formed:  Global Space Exploration Agency (GSEA; pronounced GEE-SEE) with the sole purpose to explore the recently discovered wormhole at the edge of our solar system.

19-Nov-2024  World is rocked by a massive volcano that erupted along the Pacific rim.   Global warming impacts already spiraling out of control fast than anyone expected are now expected to severely cripple the ability for earth to sustain life at current levels in 100 years.

29-Nov-2024  GSEA announces a global effort to reach the wormhole and attempt to explore what is on the “other side” of the wormhole.

13-Mar-2025  GSEA launches a probe to reach the wormhole, now designated with the name:  TimeTunnel.  The probe is the most expensive space vehicle ever built and outfitted with the latest ion propulsion engines.  The probe will reach the wormhole in less than 12 months.

01-Apr-2031  GSEA reports that the probe enroute to TimeTunnel has passed the half way point.  With speeds increasing constantly, the probe will reach Savior-1 in about 6 months.

26-Oct-2031  GSEA reports the probe has begun its deceleration and will reach its target in 27 days.

29-Nov-2031 GSEA has been releasing images of the wormhole and the surrounding area for the past 4 months.  Images released today show a intricate and awe inspiring 37 minute video of the wormhole opening and 36 minutes later closing.  The cycle repeats itself once every 19 hours.  No theories have been advanced that explain why this cycle happens.

09-Dec-2023  A large volcanic eruption has taken place in Washington State.  The size of this eruption is at least two times the magnitude of the volcano that erupted in November 2021.  Scientists predict that 60% of all life on Earth will perish in the next 15 years.

21-Dec-2031  GSEA announces that the first of 75 mini probes have been launched into the wormhole.  No word on what was discovered on the other side.

23-Dec-2031 GSEA announces that a solar system has been discovered on the other side of the wormhole.  Images show a trinary star system and several planets, moons and asteroids.  Preliminary analysis shows no signs of intelligent life.

25-Dec-2031  GSEA releases details on one planet in particular.  These details show a world, that MAY be capable of sustaining human life.  Additional analysis and data will be released as soon as it is deemed credible and reasonably accurate.

01-Jan-2032  GSEA starts a planet naming challenge to all school children in the world.

02-Feb-2032  The new planet is named: Krixzon (pronounced  KRIX-ZON).  The name was produced by entering the top 10 most popular entries and having a computer system generate a list of names that have no current meaning in any Earth language.  

10-Mar-2032  The United Nations and GSEA announce a worldwide project to terraform and make ready the planet Krixzon for colonization by the year 2074.  Fifty years.  Critics immediately blast the project as "pie in the sky" and "colossal waste of funds" and vow to never let it happen.  Supporters insist this is a hope for humanity and that our earth will be unable to sustain human life past the year 2,100 so it is imperative this project proceed immediately.   Every nation in the world has committed resources.  This will be the largest project ever attempted by mankind.