A Universe of Adventure Awaits


Kickstarter Campaign Details. 

We are developing a campaign to help us launch the first game (Colonization) and the first book (Discovery).   The game itself has been under development for over 2 years now and it's come a long way.   The book has been in development for just under 2 years.

We are working on short video clips of actual game play...which is a challenge as we are running the game core elements without any of the fun graphical elements.

Without graphics no one will be too interested in the game so we are pushing hard to get enough graphical work done to show some of the more fun game play.

Screenshots of scoreboards, character status, guild stats, etc don't require a lot of graphical elements and those we will be posting first.

And the first 3 chapters of the book will be published free (maybe not up to industry publishing standards but it will be enough for everyone to experience the general feel of the story.

The Kickstarter Campaign is going to be used to obtain the resources (server time and bandwidth, graphical artists freelance time to get the artwork finished and an editor to help get the book ready for publishing.   That's a lot to do but we are working 12-18 hours every day to get this out and into your hands.