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A Universe of Adventure Awaits

 Join Maggie and the entire cast & crew as they struggle to understand and  survive the new world that is Krixzon.


Book 1 - Krixzon: Discovery is a full length novel chronicling the adventures of Maggie Kelly, rookie CIA agent that has fallen into a world of intrigue, betrayal, high-treason and interplanetary adventure.  

Her story starts on Earth and ends on Krixzon in this first book in the series. 

Discovery is a dazzling, who-done-it, nail-biting ride. The book can be enjoyed as a stand alone story or optionally combined with the online MMORPG smartphone/tablet game for additional story depth and help in solving puzzles and quests in the online game.

Chapters 1 - 3 will be released at no charge.

EDITOR'S NOTE:Krixzon is pronounced:  CRIX-ZON  (rhymes with crayon).