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Game Screenshots coming soon!


A Universe of Adventure Awaits

Game 1 - Krixzon: Discovery is the first in a series of MMORPG* games designed for smartphones and tablets that will provide tremendous fun as you and your teammates strive to survive on the planet Krixzon.   You must rebuild the destroyed Krixzon Space Relay Station (KSRS), help build world defense systems, colonize the planet, build your Homestead, defend from attacks from other factions, learn how to earn KrixCoins by selling products that you make.  

You have robots and a vast infrastructure at your disposal.   The game runs real-time 24x7x365 and your robots will continue to work on your behalf (to a point) even while you are offline.

Some basic aspects of the game include:

  • 7 regions.  Each region has unique qualities that the other 6 regions need to survive and prosper.
  • 5 factions.  Each faction will decide for itself how it deals with the other 4.  Friend, foe, neutral?  You decide!
  • PvE.  Player vs. Environment.  Monsters, natural disasters, puzzles, quests.
  • PvP.  Player vs. Player.  Impacts how your faction is perceived, win awards, PvP quests.
  • Robots.  An important element of the game and do most of the work as commanded by you.  You command and control your robots.  Be careful and watch over them carefully as they have a few surprises that will keep you on your toes.   The robots follow the Three Laws of Robotics and the zeroth law as defined by Arthur C. Clarke many years ago.
  • Auto-protect.  Many games today make it almost impossible for a new, inexperienced player to even enjoy the game without constantly being attacked by the biggest players in a game.   In many MMORPG games when a very powerful player comes along and blasts you into eternity all your hard work is lost.  It's frustrating and annoying.  We don't agree with that approach.  So --- there are built in rules of engagement to keep things fair.   Remember that old saying "Pick on someone your own size"?  Well that is true here.
  • Guilds.  Groups of players in the same faction that help each other out.  A player can belong to two guilds at a time...which allows for Spying and the SpyCraft abilities.   Is your buddy a spy?  Are you?  
  • Homestead/Settlers.  You as a player are a settler on Krixzon trying to survive.   Your granted land is your homestead.   You are granted, as a new settler to Krixzon, your own Homestead.  A homestead consists of land and several starting structures.  Beyond that you decide what to build on your land and these decisions will influence how you play the game. 
  • Government.   This is a whole new world.  There are several levels of government.  The World Council and World Emperor are awarded to the best players - assuming they want the job!   Their are Regional Roles as well for each of the 7 regions.   The game itself is adaptive so YOU as a World or Regional Leader will have some control on how the game evolves.   Careful what you wish for.   Bad leaders can be voted out of office or otherwise impeached and possibly sentenced to jail!
  • Economics.   The world runs on economics.   You must produce materials or products that the rest of the world needs.  Everyone needs something.   Guaranteed.  How fast can you produce your chosen product??  That is up to you.  
  • Awards.   All types of awards are available for every type of activity.  Certain awards give you special boosts or can be sold for KrixCredits.  

  • KrixGold.   The currency in the game which you can optionally buy (in app purchases) to provide you with more resources so you can grow your Homestead faster and advance quicker.  KrixGold can be used in game to boost certain activities or buy special things you need for your Homestead.  KrixGold and KrixCredits; although closely related; are two entirely different things.

  • Free to play.  The game is free to play for an allotment of hours and no purchase is necessary.  After the free hours you should be able to determine if this game is for you.   Don’t have final numbers yet but it should be “cheap” as possible  - I mean just enough of a cost to pay the bills but nothing more for now.

  • Krixzon the planet:   Krixzon is about 25% larger than earth but has 70% land mass and 30% ocean.   **ALL** of the world is available to visit and explore, assuming you have the experience level and tools you will need to go hunting and exploring.  Don't go alone to some places.    There are vast areas that have NOT been explored so there is no telling what you may find.  Don't worry - if you die - you get resurrected after some penalty time back in your HomeStead.  Otherwise the game would end very quickly for many.

  • This is just a tiny list of what is built into the game.   We are working on game play video now so you can see what the game will be like.   Screenshots will be first.   Right now we are just testing the game operation without too many graphics (they aren't needed to test and develop the core game machine (state machine) and server software).

This game has been under development for many years

and it is finally coming together and looking like a really fun, amazing game.

Progress has slowed this past 18 months with so many things changing I just haven’t had a lot of time to even continue work on the game or books.  I can barely keep up with this web site.    Over the next several months I will be reorganizing  functions to allow more progress in a shorter time.  Many thanks!